Silver clay Brooch course



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Silver Clay Brooch course

The full day brooch course will take your silver clay skills to the next level. The brooch has a fireable embedded finding and a complex pin back fitting.  It’s stone is set after firing and the texture added shows the colours from the liver of sulphur beautifully.  A highly polished body brings a gleam of silver to the finished piece

What will you learn?

The first thing you will learn is to design a piece to certain specifications ensuring the stone and brooch back will add to the piece rather than just be functional, this will help if you would like to design and make your own pieces especially if you will be doing commissions

You will learn about how to ensure the embedded findings are securely fixed into place and how to fit the stone in once your piece has been completed.

The pin used in this piece is a combination of 2 pieces that are embedded into the clay, then another 2 pieces that are attached afterwards.  I will explain about the pieces and how to incorporate them onto your brooch.  We will also discuss where to place your pin to ensure your final piece hangs correctly.

I will then show you how to get colour by using liver of sulphur to get some great colours for your piece, and then  spend some time on how to get a high shine on your piece.

This workshop can be used as practice for part of the level 1 Diploma course, which includes 2 rings

Where is the course?

The course will be taught in my workshop in the Staffordshire countryside.

What’s included in the workshop cost?

The workshop costs include 10g clay, the brooch back assembly parts, a finding to embed into your brooch and a stone to fix into your finding.

Also included are tea and cake or biscuits.  You will need to bring something for lunch, there are some shops, a cafe and a chip shop within 5 minutes drive if you prefer to get something during the lunch break.

The course will run from 10 till 3:30pm

If you choose the Gift voucher option, I will contact you and then send you a personalised gift voucher in a gift wallet.

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