Memory jewellery course


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If you would like to book on this course, please contact me via the contact form or via email to

Memory jewellery course

Please note, until things get back to normal, I will be undertaking all my courses either online or on a 1-1 or single family group/bubble basis.  All courses are available, you can buy a voucher and they will have no end date, or give me a ring/drop me a message and we can organise something.

This full day course will teach you various methods of making jewellery incorporating prints, images, writing and ashes to create some lovely memory jewellery.

Please note that to complete this course you will need to have some skill with computers, mainly image manipulating software.

What will you learn?

During this 1 day course you will learn the following:

  • Taking fingerprints using moulds and using them in silver jewellery
  • Taking hand/foot/pawprints and turning them into stamps using photopolymer plates
  • Turning children’s images into stamps using photopolymer plates
  • Adding colour to your pieces using uv resin, and how to incorporate ashes into your pieces using this method
  • Some basics on how to turn this into a business
  • About hallmarking and the law regarding selling your pieces


During this part of the course we will look at 2 different mould making materials and how to make an effective mould with them.  Then we will look at making a reverse mould and using both moulds to add the fingerprint to the clay

Hand/Foot/Pawprints and images

Here we will look at taking a print using inkless wipes and paper.  We will then look at scanning the image into the computer and I will show you how to manipulate the images to make them ready for turning into photopolymer plates.  To do this I will use the free software Gimp, although you should be able to use similar steps n whatever software you use at home.  I will show you the templates I have set up for printing the images onto the transfer paper, and what the best settings are to use on the printer to get the best image.

Making the photopolymer plates

We will then turn an image into a stamp using the photopolymer plates and discuss timings and exposure.  I will show you how to use the imagepak gel sachets to make the stamps, and we will discuss the other varieties available.  You will turn an image into a stamp to take away with you.

Making some pieces

We will then make a couple of pieces (I will provide 10g of clay for this).  As this course is mainly about the prints, I will not spend too much time talking about using the clay, so a basic knowledge of making silver clay jewellery would be an advantage.  We will use the fingerprint mould and the stamp you have made, and we will make a small container to add some resin after firing.

Turning this into a Business

While the pieces are firing, we will discuss Hallmarking your pieces, the law around selling jewellery and I will talk about my experiences of setting up a business and going full time into it.  We will cover pricing your work, costing, and keeping records, and touch briefly on marketing.  I will talk a little on business planning too.

Finishing your pieces

Once your pieces are fired I’ll show you various methods to finish them and get a good shine.

I will then show you how to add patina, and finally how to add some UV resin including mixing colour.  You can then add some UV resin to your container piece.

What’s Included in the workshop cost

All materials required to make one fingerprint mould and a photoploymer stamp, an inkless wipe and some paper.

10g of clay to make some small pieces using your print and stamp (extra clay will be available to purchase if required).  plus some jumprings to make your piece ready to turn into wearable jewellery

I will also send across the templates used for printing the transfer for the plates after the course.

Please note there is no course handout so bring something to take notes on.

What do I need to bring?

You will need to bring a laptop so you can manipulate your image.  If you can download a copy of Gimp before you come on the course that will help (this is free software).  The templates I use are on Powerpoint so a copy of this or equivalent office software is required too.

I will provide tea/coffee/squash and some biscuits, but please bring some lunch with you

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