Online Beginners Silver clay class


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On this 2 hour course, you will learn the basics of using Silver clay in your own home.

I will talk you through the process via the online conference call app ‘’ you will be able to watch me demonstrate, then follow the steps to make your own basic pieces.

What is the price and what does it include?

The price for the course is £70, which includes your clay, postage of the kit to you and postage of your fired piece back to you, and a chain and pair of earring wires that I’ll attache to your piece after firing.

The kit is £25, and this £25 is refundable if you return the kit. The kit includes everything you need to make the pieces on your table. I will send the kit to you about a week before the date of the course.

This is why the total price for the course is £95, the kit money will be refunded to you as soon as I receive the equipment kit back

Will I need any extra equipment?

There are a few extra things you will need from your home

  • A surface to roll out your clay – this could be an old tile, a baking tray, a coaster, a crepe pan, anything that is flat, smooth and wide enough to roll out your clay
  • A pot of water
  • Some kitchen towel or equivalent
  • a hairdryer to dry your clay

How do my pieces get fired?

inside your pack will be a box with some vermiculite in, which should keep your pieces safe when you post them back to me for firing, or alternatively, if you have a cooks torch or a gas hob at home, I will talk you through how to fire it yourself, and can even supervise online while you do that if you want me to.

When you send your pieces back, if you include the pack sent to you, I will refund the price of the equipment once I receive them, or if you enjoyed it that much (most people do!) you can keep the pack at the reduced price especially for my students.

Additional information

workshop dates

Sun 3rd May 2020, Wed 13th May, Tues 2nd June, Custom course, gift voucher


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