‘Family’ Silver Cufflinks


Solid silver handmade cufflinks with the chinese characters that translate to 'Family' or 'togetherness'


These totally handmade, solid silver cufflinks have the Chinese characters that translate to ‘family’ or ‘togetherness’ on the front.

Each pair of silver cufflinks are individually handmade, so will vary slightly from the featured picture as I cannot repeat them exactly each time, that is the beauty of handmade – each piece is unique and different. They have a texture of a fern leaf on the reverse side, but can be plain and can also be inscribed with any name or quote that you would like. These can also be made in any shape you would like.

The design of the calligraphy stems from my husband’s karate association. He loves Karate, but hates the politics that often come with being part of a karate association, and so he asked his Japanese master to design him a logo that reflected his values of creating an environment where you could train as if with family, and in the last 30 years of his association, that is exactly what it has been like. These cufflinks commemorate that and celebrate the whole ethos of enjoying family and being together.

Your silver cufflinks will come presented in a beautiful black leatherette box, making them an ideal gift for someone you love.

Why not treat yourself, or someone you love to a special, unique and totally handmade gift, celebrate family and togetherness with these special Chinese characters, a great bespoke gift for the person who has everything