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New Website at Last!

So, I’ve finally gone and built my website!


It will take me a little while to update all the pictures, so I’ve started with a page to show you exactly what I can do that showcases all my commissions, that is all the special silver jewellery I have handmade individually to match someone’s story, provide them with a special memory, or just a design they fancy.

Very soon, there will be some standard silver jewellery products for you to peruse and treat yourself to, a little shop with necklaces, bracelets, earrings, cufflinks and rings, all handmade individually, so all unique and slightly different in their own way.

My best jewellery is created from a story, memory or thought of an idea. I love to listen to what you want, what the piece will mean to you, the reasons why you want it designed that way. Your story is then transferred into the silver as when I make your bespoke item of jewellery, I relive the words you told me and visualise the finished piece as I go along.

Whatever type pf jewellery you most love, whether it is a special silver necklace, a memory charm bracelet, a pair of earrings, or a ring, cufflinks or a brooch, I can make it for you. Please have a browse around the site, keep coming back as I update it over the next few weeks, and share it with all your friends.

There will be lots of ranges coming out soon, and I already offer silver jewellery for weddings, hand and footprint jewellery, fingerprint jewellery and I’m currently working on being able to offer pawprint jewellery for your furbabies.

A range of remembrance jewellery will be available shortly, that can preserve your loved one’s ashes in silver for you to treasure forever.

Watch out for the upcoming blogs too, I will keep you updated on all the LR Silver jewellery news, and there are lots of exciting things happening very shortly, a big journey is about to begin for this black country self taught small jewellery business!