Lobelia flower necklace



Lobelia flower necklace

A beautiful Lobelia flower necklace, the flower is captured forever in this sterling silver necklace. The resin dries perfectly clear, so it is like looking at a flower in a window. Perfect to compliment a lovely summer dress, or add something unique to an evening dress.

I have Lobelia growing outside my 400 year old barn converted workshop in the Staffordshire countryside, and one of these flowers is taken and encapsulated in resin for each necklace, which then hardens so it is more durable than glass.

If you love fresh flowers and love silver, here is the perfect combination for you in the Lobelia flower necklace. Always have flowers with you wherever you are.

Each necklace contains a real flower, and the resin preserves it so it will keep it’s colour and freshness.

The silver bezel that contains the flower sets the colours off to perfection, and each one is individually handmade from sterling silver sheet, then a bail is hand cut from sterling silver sheet and hand soldered to the bezel. Once this is hand polished to perfection, the tiny flower in resin is added and it is strung on a sterling silver chain.  It comes with an 18″ chain as standard, but if you prefer, you can choose to have it a bit longer or shorter so it’s your favourite length.


If you would like a name or incscription adding to your necklace, I can add up to 10 letters or numbers (including spaces) around the rim of the pendant to make it an extra special gift

Please note, as this item is handmade, the final product may differ slightly in colour and appearance to the pictured product